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1120.00 грн.
Women ukrainian boots, red, white, black
  • Артикул: 3107
  • Производитель: UKRAINA
  • Наличие:
  • Единица: пара
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  • Women's boots are low, red, white, black. Other colors are custom-made.
    Boots for folk dances, feminine, black, red or white. Excellent folk shoes, entirely made of genuine leather. It is possible with rubber prevention, under the order. Applicable for folk dance or in combination with any folk costume. Similarly, folk shoes are suitable for any stage costume. If the Ukrainian costume means red boots, if the Hutsul black for any other suit will be white.

    Folk boots for a wedding, women's, red, black or white. Wedding women's shoes are specially designed for the Ukrainian wedding. Boots are used in conjunction with the classic, Ukrainian women's suit. The footwear is made of genuine leather. Sharp Pumpkin In the middle is a supinator.

    On the site of the manufacturer you can also buy boots for folk, folk, Ukrainian, women's suit on a lacing. Popular folk shoes, for women's choir, instrumental ensemble or pop band. This model is made of natural red skin on heels 5 cm with a soft sole, specially for the scene. Available and other colors. Classic black, beige or white. White folk shoes can be used as snowboard shoes.

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