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Shoes Santa Claus

1400.00 грн.
Shoes Santa Claus, Boots Santa Claus
  • Размеры: 
  • Артикул: 2682
  • Производитель: Ukraine.
  • Наличие: под заказ
  • Единица: пара
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  • Shoes Santa Claus. Boots Santa Claus red, color red. Ukraine.

    For foreign buyers. Customers.

    We send shoes in any country of the world. Payment via Western Union system. E-mail: pirouette.comfort@gmail.com 

    Hello, your conditions are completely acceptable for us. We agree to pay through Western Union. 
    Please give us the requisite to whom I should send the money to. How can I inform you about the money sent? (email, phone number?) 
    Pertaining to the payment, should I pay separate for shipping or is the payment all together? May I please have the total in US Dollars? Thank you!
    Western Union.  Samoylov Viktor Ivanovich. Ukraine. Total in US Dollars 60.
    Hello, we will pay as soon as possible. We will inform you what password is used for this transaction. Can you please send red boot size 43.5? Thank you!


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